Humble Beginnings

Where should I start… My family is full of secrets and scandles. Doing my family history has been so exciting and I have spent many hours researching.  I just wish I could find my Nigerian background to stir up even more.

I was born in Dudley to Joan Ethel Harley and David Charles Terrance Upton (Terry).  This is a journey through time for me.  A black country wench who worked hard, is so proud of my roots (apart from one or two). One forged bank notes and stole horses and another liked slapping the wife, so they leave a little to be desired.

My family are all over the place, some in USA, Canada, Ireland, Isle of Man and from my family genes even Nigeria.

It would be a bit of a shock for my Granny Harley, had she been alive when my DNA test came back. She was always wary of “forigners”.  She thought we were English through and through. I could just imagine her words “Who went off with a bloke from Nigeria” she would be shouting “dirty buggar”.

 Nan with Freddie who died of Consumption.

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