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The facts on Valentine

St Valentine was a priest in third-century Rome. When Emperor Claudius II declared that all young men were forbidden to marry (a consequence of his observation that single men made better soldiers), Valentine is said to have flouted the law and conducted marriages. In time, his disobedience was discovered and he was sebsequently executed – supposedly the night before 14th February.

One final legend reveals that Valentine was onece imprisoned, where he fell in love with a girl who visited the jail and from then on he write her love notes from his cell signed ‘from your Valentine’.

Love, its a many splendoured thing. It makes the world go round.
Love is patient, Love is kind. Love sees no faults as Love is blind,
Love conquers all. All you need is Love

The Language of Love:

French: je t’aime
German Iche liebe dich
Italian Ti amo
Portugese Eu te amo
Spanish Te amo
Swedish Jag alskar dig
Welsh Caru ti


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