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Our Future Plans

(Subject to Planning Permission)


Having submitted the plans and after many long talks with the planning Department we have decided to withdraw the application and re-design the proposed development to the rear of the Hall.

Dunsley Hall is a Grade II listed building and is seen as one of the most important buildings in Staffordshire. We want to work with the Planners and English Heritage on the designs impact on the Hall so, feel its best to go back to the drawing board.  Please keep your support coming in and thank you for all the letters we have had so far from all over the world. We as a family which includes all our staff, have the Hall’s future at heart and want this to succeed as one of the most luxurious Hotel and Spa in South Staffordshire.

We will keep you updated on any events an once again Wilf and I thank you so much for your telephone calls and letters of support.



We are all excited about the next phase of Dunsley Hall.  We know how relaxing the Hall is (we have often found guests asleep in the snug), we have been talking over the last two years to our regular guests, residents and overseas visitors about our future plans to extend the Hall. To incorporate a spa, better conference and banqueting facilities and to also give the Hall the recognition a building like this deserves! The feedback and support to carry on with our dream has been fantastic. So, we have decided to take the next step. “To have the only luxury Hotel and Spa in the area and, to put Dunsley Hall Kinver on the destination map for tourists and secure the future of the Hall for the next generation”.  Now we had to find someone who loved the Hall as much as we do and to design a building that would stand the test of time, blend in with the Hall and be sympathetic to its surroundings.  That was hard for anyones undertaking but we perservered.

Our brief was hard for any Architect.

  • We never wanted Dunsley overpowered by a new building.
  • The new build was to be in keeping with the Hall and it’s surroundings.
  • The construction is to have little or, no impact on the day to day running of the business.
  • Whilst the building is being built we did not want it to impede on anyones special day.
  • To help us design the build around the seasonal activities of the Hall.
  • The frontage to be screened off so as very little can be seen from the road and drive whilst under construction.
  • To take away the unsightly garages as you come onto the grounds and replace with somthing that will compliment the Hall.
  • Underground rooms so as to keep the new build lower than the Hall and not to impede on the original building.
  • The new build should have little impact on the views from the canal and roads.
  • The gardens should be landscaped to fit in with the surrounding area.
  • The walled garden is to retain its Victorian Country Garden feel.
  • There should be luxury suites.
  • The spa should be designed around the greenhouses and outhouses at the back of the Hall and so on and so on…..

Three Architects later we chose Marsh Associates, in Kinver (keep it local) who, we know, have won awards for their refubishment on their own offices in the village. They also understand the pressure of dealing with an historic property as theirs is a Grade II listed timber frame which, has been refurbished sympathetically to the benefit of the High Street in Kinver.

After many drawings, discussions and dealing with a difficult client (me) they have presented us with what we all feel is a beautiful design and layout to Dunsley Hall.  Their brief was also to take into consideration all of the aforementiond .  We have also instructed our signwriter to design boarding that looks like you are driving into the fields beyond hiding the fact that the garages have gone and great care has been taken in ensuring the beauty of the Hall is never compromised.


Before and After





The garages and stables will be replaced with the entrance to the Spa facilities and luxury suites



Pictures of our future plans

The part of Dunsley Hall shaded white is the original house. The other part is what we want to add to Dunsley Hall.

This is the plans for the new building which can be seen from the patio.
to add to Dunsley Hall.

We hope to build a Spa, where our guests can relax. Complete with an outdoor Jacuzzi.

As above, the white shaded parts are the original house, accompanied by the new plans.

A view of the new building from the rear gardens.

A view of Dunsley Hall  from the gardens. In the middle you can the luxury suites that open onto the garden itself.

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